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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Let's see if this works...

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  • Tuesday, January 10, 2006

    A Tribute to Janosch.

    I believe noone reads this anymore.
    It's exciting, posting this entry. Sort of like leaving a noisy, crowded room and entering a familiar one that is now quiet.
    Well anyways. This here entry is dedicated to Janosch. My favorite German cartoonist.

    "Kleiner Tiger... Immer Sieger" This is my motto pin. It means, roughly, "Little Tiger... Such a Fighter"

    See how it's all scratched up? It's on my jacket.

    A postcard I have in my room. "Lach doch mal" Basically means, "Smile."

    Some random pictures I like.

    He's also the author of that sex book I have. Teaching little children about where babies come from. Couldn't find the pictures to that online though. Except for the cover:

    "Mutter, sag, wer macht die Kinder?" = "Mother, tell me, who makes the children?"

    Janosch Website
    (It helps if you know German)

    Thursday, February 24, 2005

    I meant to post it here in the first place... but my hazy mind confused blogspot with livejournal. Heh...

    Everyone is leaving. Or is gone. Mom, dad, and Pia have gone up to bed. Ariel's and other have left for France. The seniors are leaving for college. The cool people from the swimteam are leaving. I'm quite sorry about it. Soon there'll be no more stripping in the changing room. No more walking around naked. And the lunchspot by the track will be empty. That cement block's already been thrown over the side. Doc's bagels will be crammed with naive (or not so naive) little freshmen. Less space and more space. Empty and full. My fingers are cold, so I just might stop typing. Maybe I'll make a real update soon.

    Hey! I came across some old pics from our old comp with our old [crappy] camera. Was that me? Oh man oh man. I had time to play with cameras back in middle school. The good old days?

    Sunday, January 09, 2005

    Winter Formal

    Was it just me, or was everyone wearing the same three types of dresses?
    Actually, I don't think there is much choice in wear for formal occasions. And now that I think about it, acceptable everyday clothes don't have much range either. Whatever. Who needs clothes? I wore make-up for the second time in my life yesterdy. I didn't feel any different. So I guess I don't understand that whole, "wear a different face to school," or, "feel naked without make-up" deal. The only time I really felt anything for it was when I wanted to rub my eyes (being really tired) and ended up with black smudges on my hands. I know, ewww.
    I had the best cheescake I've ever had (or most of it anyway) at TGIFs.
    Formal was fun. It wasn't spectacular. The only thing spectacular was how many people I'd never before seen in my life. "This is the Carlmont Winter Formal, right?"
    And how short the dress were. That was spectacular. The bunch I came with mostly hung out at a table, played Risk (Chris brought the board game!), burnt Doritos (boyscouts), or just talked. Shaun and I danced a lot. When we got hot and sweaty, we'd go outside or something. We mostly hung out by ourselves or with Mary and Robbie. I danced with girls too :)
    But my feet hurt so much after.... at least I was a bit taller than usual.
    Shall I go to another Carlmont Dance in the future? We shall see....

    Tuesday, December 28, 2004

    at Mira's

    I'm at Mira's! No, not my house. The other Mira. The other German/Korean Mira. Don't believe me? That's horrible then. We're watching Notting Hill and before that we were fighting over domination of the world. I was well on my way to dominating North America, Asia, and I was pretty into South America as well.
    It's called Risk.

    To rule the world... Well, I gather that's what politics is all about.
    Oh well. I can't think of anything else to write. I might as well watch the movie...

    Saturday, December 11, 2004

    IKEA (and a long ass entry)

    My parents made a trip to Ikea. During the last couple of days, my mom has been extremely motivated in making our rooms nicer looking and decorating the house in festive spirit. Well, part of this room transformation has included me taking down my random crap from the walls. But then I realized this stuff isn't crap at all. This is a part of me. And my room looks naked without it. No matter how many shelves and elegant stuff you put up. So I've decided I'm going to put it all up again after we are done "transforming" my room.


    On the door there is a little potpourri angel which I got in Pittsburgh. Back when I used to still go to church. I had my first confession there or something like that. When you get all dressed, in a white dress and a veil, and you go to the priest to confess your sins. Anyways, Pia's teacher, Ms. Lepinski got Pia a bag of gifts, but she didn't know I was celebrating it too, so she just yoinked the angel out of Pia's bag and gave it to me. Pia was mostly gracious about it, but constantly reminded me that the angel was meant for her. I like it all the better for it. It's butt is loaded with dead leaves. But it smells good.

    Under the angel there's a sticker, "Molière Than Thou." A play I went to this year with Maurice and Garrett, and OMFG, Mrs. Burton. That's right. It was a one man show. And it was also my first onstage performance (guy coming on to, speaking in old English, and me ripping his script, awesome, eh?) I think my door is a twist of irony. An angel and a play on the saying "holier than thou." Quite funny considering I'm no longer particularly religious.

    Then you open the door.

    Maybe start with the left wall and work yourself around the room. First, a gigantic poster of Disneyland. I love this poster because it's very detailed, and I love detail. In the left bottom corner there is a picture of my roomates and chaperone group. There was a debate about this picture, because apparently it was agreed I looked like "a thug," but I didn't know what a thug was. Wearing all black, sunglasses, and a vizor doesn't make you a thug. Hanging from a nail in the corner of the poster is a mickey mouse keychain from our group's chaperone. Sydney's mom. I miss her quite often and wonder what our friendship would have turned into. We were such fierce friends, would it have worked out?

    Next there's a column of pictures just taped to the wall. There's a picture of Tani's birthday party at the mall. 'Twas sometime in middle school. And I remember I bought blue and silve nail polish which I never used and eventually gave to Pia, and a sweater. Which Pia lost maybe a year ago. Hmmm. Underneath there's a picture of Pia, my aunt Annette, and I sitting on a tree on top of well... some rock in Yosemite. I mean a very big rock. I don't think it was halfdome, but it was a pretty damn big rock. That was the first time my grandparents came to the U.S. to the see us. We went to Yosemite for a week I think. I remember a cabin and everyone drinking beer or wine (except for me and Pia of course) , complaining of its quality compared to German's. I remember card games and stars, and flickering kerosene lamps. Then pictures of Pia, Katarina, and I posing with her guinea pigs. I was maybe seven and Pia six. And I think K was a year older than I. Our best friend in Germany because we came up with the greatest adventures, the three of us. And I remember losing her guinea pig after our "photo shoot." I don't remember if she ever found it. Underneath that, a picture of everybody who came to my birthday party at Ice Chalet in 7th grade. Amazing what a group of people.... Anna, Ariel, Sonia, Ilana, Sandi, Crystal. And look what's happened to us now. We iceskated without a care in our little worlds. And when they kicked us off the ice because the hockey team had to practice, we gawked at hockey players instead of eating my melted ice cream cake.

    A little further along the wall there are more pictures. They were all taken the same day. In Germany, when we were little, we went to my grandma's friend's house. She was related to us in some way, but I've forgotten how. She had a rabbit named Bärle, and we took pictures with him. Pia still had her eyepatch from her surgical eye operation when she was 4 or 5. The day of her operation, the hospital was so full that she had to be put in the bathroom to recover from the anasthetic. Imagine waking up in a bathroom after being put to sleep in a regular hospital room. Scary thought. I already had glasses, so I must have been older than 6. We're both in our pajamas looking dazedly into the camera while Bärle squirms in our laps.

    Above all these pictures hangs a t-shirt. It has the date 4-15-1996. My last day of school in Germany. The day all my classmates in my second grade class signed my t-shirt and wrote a message or drew a picture. Above that is a picture of two seals in the water, and above that a big poster of the United States with characters from Peanuts depicting historical events and when they occured. In between , scattered throughout, are pictures I bought from giftstores in every national park gift shop we visited. This was two years ago when my family went on a 4,000mile road trip throug 11 states or something like that. Two weeks, seven national parks, and family bonding. Great, huh?

    Next wall: There's not much on it since there are two windows taking up most of the space. But right above my bed, I have pictures of relatives who are dead, but who I never really knew. My great-grandpa Alois, my great-uncle, Walter, and my grandpa, Min-Gab. And next to their pictures is a dried-out rose I got for my eighth grade graduation and a dried-out daisy... I forgot why I put that there. Between the two windows is a picture of Aiko, Taiga (who were the kids of my mom's Japanese friend), Pia, and I in Pittsburgh, in our garden. We had a rope tied to a tree and we would swing on it. We'd go treasure hunting in our backyard which was filled with junk, or we'd climb the garage roof and pick moss off to find the worms underneath. We got yelled at once for going on the neighbors roof and doing that.

    Next wall: First there is an article from a newspaper I read in English in 9th grade - Mr. Craig's class (on a Wednesday because that's when we had to read editorials and comment on them). It compared Bush to Ahab and his administration to the crew in Moby Dick. Enough said? Then there's the panoramic picture of my eighth grade class. We are all standing outside on the field, freezing. Then the picture taken at our orchestra festival. We were supposed to strike funny poses, but mine wasn't nearly as funny as I thought it would be. Maybe 'cause I didn't look too happy. Then there's a little slip of paper, declaring what the silence is about. Supporting all people who have to remain silent about their sexual preference. Goddamn society and its expectations. Above this is a picture of a Dayton Triumph motorcycle. The first poster I ever got. From my dad. And above that, a poster of two baby raccoons peeking out of a treetrunk I got on our roadtrip at some national park giftstore.

    Next wall is my closet. But above my closet I put Pia's pastel artwork. I love its fierceness. She drew it this year, and gave it to me. Next to her poster is my pledge of a grievance.
    "I pledge a grievance, to the flag, of the plighted stakes of America,
    and to the republics, upon which it stands, one nation, playing god,
    blind and visible, with the illusion of liberty and justice for all" -Jupiter Jones
    I got this poster when I went to my first huge rally. It was the second major anti-(Iraq)war rally in SanFrancisco. I went with Ariel and her dad, and was generally amazed by the sheer amount of people. And the signs.
    Between the closet and the door, there is a narrow strip of wall. I posted printed out lyrics of "Wonderwall" by Oasis there.
    Underneath there is a copy of the Declaration of Independence which I got for participating in some contest when I went to elementary school in Cupertino.

    You wouldn't believe it, but I think that's it. Writing this somehow brought back a lot of memories. I doubt this entry will make sense to any others.

    Sometimes I think I'd like to make my journal private, or at least be able to know who reads it. But I doubt people read my journal any longer, especially since I've figured out that any real friends I do have, use livejournal. Or maybe noone comments. I can't decide.

    I am completely going to copy this into my live journal. And block up their friends page for everyone who has me on their friends list

    Friday, December 10, 2004


    Well, Ariel, I did have an exciting night. No biggie about the concert. And I doubt they were lamenting I wasn't there. I have some pretty bad singing vibes, if I had been there, everyone probably would have been unable to sing or something. Anyways, at around 9pm Brendan called and asked if I wanted to go bowling again with everyone who went last time (still no other girls). I decided to go and he said Alex could give me a ride. Alex came by and picked me up, and until then everything was fine. We were on Woodside Rd. trying to merge into the right lane, when some jerk speeded up and cut off Alex. So we missed the turn onto El Camino. Alex being Alex, and also being a guy, claimed he knew exactly where he was. "Oh we just need to make a right here, look there's a McDonalds, I know exactly where we are." Heh, besides there being a McDonald's on every other corner, we didn't know squat. So we drove around a bit, Alex talking about where (he thought) we were and me talking about other random things. Suddenly we hit on El Camino. We stopped at a stop light and then the world went blank. We couldn's see anything anymore from all the smoke (we determined it to be steam actually) coming from the hood of his car. We were like "WTF, mate?" So we pulled into an alley to inspect the car. It was leaking some fluid which was being evaporated and turned into steam as it hit the hot engine. We thought it was cooling liquid or something, and we were right. The rest of the story can be predicted. It involves, a call to AAA, several calls from Brendan and to Brendan, and a fun night not so much filled with bowling. Alex and I agreed it was all pretty hilarious. His dad came too, and was able to drop me off at home. Gee wiz.


    I'm missing the choir concert as of now. It's a terribly complicated story, and I'm very distraught. I'm so stupid. Today... I wasn't thinking of going to the choir concert, but in weight training Chris, being Chris, somehow convinced me I was going. Even though I didn't have a ride. He said he'd get Paul to give me one. During lunch I was elated to find out Ariel could give me a ride. The rest of the day was... eh... whenever I got bored (English) I thought of the fun I'd be having that night. Of course after music mentors, and violin. Didn't think about too much else. Well during music mentors I got a headache(very loud saxophones and general mayhem), violin lessons were awesome for a change (even with the headache). For some odd reason I expected to be home at 6pm. I was thinking... 45 min lessons, should be done by 5:45, 15 minutes to get home... perfect. Turns out there was a ton of traffic, it's Friday night, of course there would be. But it was still agony... Every few minutes I'd look at the dashboard clock fiercly wishing I had a cellphone. We got home at 6:30 sharp and Pia told me right away, "Ariel called, are you going to some choir concert? Well, she had to go to dinner." I called right away, but noone picked up. I left sort of a half assed message which basically said, "You're not home... well darn it's not going to work then is it? See ya later!(in a slightly fake optimistic tone)" Being me, I still had some hope. I ran upstairs, put on my cool earrings and my awesome yellow raincoat and the minutes ticked by. 6:40, well maybe... 6:45, still could be. 6:50, hmmm . 6:55, oh well. 7:00, why did I want to go so badly? 7:01.
    Well, it's my fault for not telling her I'd be cutting it close with my violin lessons. I don't know why I made that account so detailed. I was distraught at the beginning of this entry. But it's a choir concert. It's not the end of the world, right? That'll teach me... don't put all your hopes on one thing to go right in a day. And... the good in life mostly comes in unexpected doses. Like at my violin lessons. We laughed about our sillinesses (sp?), her cat, birds, Monty Pythons, and my butchering of a very nice song. And that even though I was expecting her to be disappointed in me again and lessons to go by in some mundane manner.
    When you're down the only way to go is up, and maybe these few weeks haven't been the greatest in my life, but I'm just going to go finish the questionnaire, and then curl up and watch some Korean movies. And maybe even read.
    If you're reading this Ariel... I love you very much, and don't mind my ranting. It's my fault for not letting you know about how time things were with me. Don't you dare say "I'm sorry" or anything of that manner, because you have nothing to be sorry for and I think I'll just get mad---at myself.
    Before I say too many superfluous things (... a bit of a paradox.... ):

    1. Mira
    2. SuperMira
    3. OochMay
    1. daswtgirl
    2. imavizorgurl
    3. aseecretfriend ....I know these are all very corny, but I created them all during a phase where I thought they were awesomely cool sounding
    1. My heritage.
    2. My strong immune system.
    3. My ability to take in the world, digest, and spit out my own version of what it should be.
    THREE THINGS YOU HATE (hate is a strong word, lets go with dislike) ABOUT YOURSELF:
    1. My disorganization.
    2. Not thinking things through before acting on whims.
    3. Catching myself doing/thinking things that my conscience warns me against.
    1. German
    2. Korean
    3. ...I'm a quarter North Korean if that counts as a different part of my heritage.
    1. Pia dying before me (is that selfish?)
    2. Going insane (losing my wits, Alzheimers)
    3. Another Hitler or Stalin - his cruelty is underestimated
    1. Laughing
    2. A little bit of love (family, friends)
    3. ... ipod?

    1. Well, I'm still wearing my yellow raincoat (made of cloth... it isn't even water proof... but it looks like a rain coat)
    2. Pink leaf earrings I got from Bee, a Korean girl I met in New York, she was in the orchestra we performed with...
    3. The beanie vizor hat I got from Hutch for my birthday...
    1. Die Prinzen
    2. Weezer
    3. Hoobastank.... OF is being emphasized here, right?
    1. Deutschland - Die Prinzen
    2. Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve
    3. Opera Singer - Cake
    1. Learning guitar
    2. Acing my classes (erm..... can anyone say nerd?) ++key word is TRY
    3. Live in my currently clean and nice looking room (due to very nice curtains... and an... afghan!)
    1. effort (even in the bad times you have to TRY)
    2. understanding (which means a lot of understanding that I like having fun)
    3. honesty... and I'd like to emphasize LOVE
    1. I'm in love.
    2. I understand love.
    3. I wish for love.
    1. Humor (how they deal with life)
    2. Intellect (is that physical...maybe the physical aspect is they've got to be able to look me in the eye and carry on a good conversation)
    3. Well, for a real physical aspect.... eyes, I don't know why, but there's something about eyes....
    * I don't lay much value in physical appearance, I think.
    1. I can't pretend to like being made a fool of, I can't take it...
    2. I can't stay with a group of people once I've determined they have absolutely no interest in what I have to say or who I am
    3. I can't keep myself from making dumb mistakes... believe me I've tried my whole life

    1. The Outside (anywhere under the sky... where I can SEE the sky)--- I see that it isn't a hobby, but it just includes the many things that I wouldn't be able to fit here. And yes it includes swimming.
    2. Reading
    3. Music (listening, playing)
    1. Go to Germany. Right now. I have a longing to see my family. Especially since it's close to Christmas.
    2. Talk to my mom and suddenly be fluent in Korean ... wishful thinking.... PRACTICE is what I really need to do
    3. Be playing guitar, and suddenly be really good ... wishful thinking.... PRACTICE is what I really need to do
    1. Be an ambassador and travel the world
    2. Be a doctor and make people feel good (but I am not willing to go through the education to get that... and money)
    3. Work outside doing something I love to do... something physical which involves me having fun... making beautiful things
    1. take the train through Europe--- go with friends
    2. Korea (once I'm fluent... see Three Things I want To Do Really Badly Right Now #2)
    3. Australia...

    1. "No friggin' clue. Something cool and unusual, but not too too random to the extent of making the kid miserable fodder for bullies the world over. Probably something with some sort of history, something from mythology or Shakespeare or something, but preferably something without too many religious or other connotations." - Ariel
    2. "DITTO" - Me
    1. Find love.
    2. Make my parents happy/proud of me...
    3. "Make some small lasting difference for someone else." -Ariel "DITTO" - Me
    THREE PEOPLE WHO HAVE TO TAKE THIS QUIZ NOW OR DIE PAINFULLY - I've fulfilled my duty guys, now it's your turn. (you don't really have to take it if you don't want to)
    1. Pia
    2. hmmm
    3. ?